Breaking News: Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett!

Breaking News: Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett!

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation extends our congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation to the Supreme Court! We are confident that she will protect the rights of individuals with Down syndrome—born and unborn—as she serves on the bench.

Barrett displayed poise and courage throughout the entire nomination process. Her self-possessed demeanor speaks volumes about her integrity, while the depth and breadth of her legal prowess makes her a remarkable addition to the Supreme Court of the United States.

But what has truly inspired me is the genuine pride and love that Justice Barrett unreservedly shows for her family, especially her son with Down syndrome, Benjamin. Through her humble, yet powerful, testament to the dignity of all human life, she has given voice to an all-too-often overlooked segment of our society.

We extend our thanks to all of you who called your senators and helped us mobilize support for Justice Barrett! We appreciate you taking the time to speak up and advocate for this remarkable woman who deeply cares about individuals with Down syndrome. We look forward to seeing what Justice Barrett will accomplish during her tenure on the court.

Barrett’s confirmation opens doors for Down syndrome advocacy wider than ever

Over the past few years, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation has fought against laws that allow for abortion based on sex, race, or conditions like Down syndrome. In 2018, we had an amicus brief filed on our behalf regarding a discriminatory Indiana law. We’re seeing a similar discriminatory abortion law in the UK being challenged this week by a young woman with Down syndrome, Heidi Crowter. She stated: “The current law is unfair. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t exist, and that I’d be better off dead in the eyes of the law.”

What Heidi says also applies to the situation here in the United States. Tragically, it is estimated that nearly 70% of unborn children with Down syndrome are aborted in the United States. That is a horrendous loss of life. Not only are these children denied the right to life guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, but their families are denied the blessing of experiencing unparalleled joy and unconditional love that these children bring to the world.

This is a vital issue that we will continue to pursue, as it is fundamental to ensure that the rights of all individuals with Down syndrome – born and unborn – are respected.

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