Gucci features model with Down syndrome in mascara campaign

Gucci features model with Down syndrome in mascara campaign

At just 18 years old, Ellie Goldstein has already modeled for one of the most coveted brands in luxury beauty and fashion: Gucci. Hailing from Ilsford, Essex, Ellie appears alongside four other models as part of Gucci’s latest campaign for its new L’Obscur mascara. The promotion is dedicated to “supporting emerging talents and promoting the theme of unconventional and non-stereotypical beauty.”

She is one of the first models with Down syndrome to represent Gucci – and the online community has nothing but support for her.

The photo of Ellie posted on Gucci’s beauty account in June has hit over 800,000 likes – more than any other post on the account! Ellie was floored, writing in the post’s comment section, “I love this. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous day shooting.”

Ellie also shared a behind-the-scenes photo on her own account, saying, “Best day ever! I feel so lucky and honoured to be chosen for this mascara campaign.”

An Advocate for Representation

Modelling is nothing new to Ellie, however; when she was just fifteen, she joined Zebedee Management, which is committed to “supplying diverse models and offering sensitive representation.”

In an interview with Vogue, Ellie remarked that she thinks it is “very important” to “let the world see that anyone can model and act with a disability.” While some might view having Down syndrome as a challenge, Ellie’s bright personality has drawn people to her; she says:

Once people realise I can talk and have a great character, they are different towards me and they smile. There needs to be more positivity out there and people should give us a chance and not be so ignorant.

When she’s not modeling, you can find her acting, dancing, or reading.


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