Jerome Lejeune medical center to open in Denver, CO in Partnership with Bella

Jerome Lejeune medical center to open in Denver, CO in Partnership with Bella

I am proud to announce that the Jerome Lejeune medical center will open this spring in Denver, CO, in partnership with Bella Health + Wellness! The mission of Bella is to embrace the dignity of every person by promoting healing and wellness through a natural and scientific approach with a sincere compassion for life.

I’d like to share some words from Dede Chism, the co-founder and Executive Director, given during Bella’s year-end virtual ball this past December:

“This year we’ve been convicted of the need to care for the most vulnerable among us. We are excited to share about a new friendship that Bella has formed…What moved me so much is how the Jerome Lejeune Foundation was looking for a place that shared their DNA – that shared their unique experience, and love and dignity of life for all, but especially the precious Down syndrome population. Beginning in 2021, Bella will begin assisting the foundation in their care for families impacted by Down syndrome here in the United States… It’s exciting stuff and [a] definite fulfillment of our mission.”

Carrying on Dr. Lejeune’s Legacy

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation medical center will begin with pediatrics, first providing medical care for children with Down syndrome, and will expand later to adult patients.

If you have a family member who is interested or know someone who would like to be a patient at the center, please email [email protected] starting on March 21st.

I am eager to see Dr. Jerome Lejeune’s approach carried on through the Jerome Lejeune medical center. I know that it will have a significant impact on many lives.

Not only did Dr. Jerome Lejeune discover the cause of Down syndrome, but he worked tirelessly throughout his life to provide quality medical care to individuals with Down syndrome. He knew that people with Down syndrome often present signs and symptoms differently and can be misdiagnosed by doctors who have little experience with the disorder. He knew that by devoting extra time to get to know his patients and providing comprehensive consultations, his patients would receive better treatment and be able to live their best lives.

A Need for Continued Support

I am extremely grateful to those of you who have given in support of the medical center. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. As we begin the last stretch of our journey to open the medical center, would you consider giving to assist with the opening costs?

Yes, I would like to give $50
Yes, I would like to give $100
Yes, I would like to give $500
Yes, I would like to give $1,000

With your help, we can make specialized holistic healthcare a reality for individuals with Down syndrome!


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