Women with Down syndrome beat coronavirus

Women with Down syndrome beat coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected us all, and for two women with Down syndrome, it almost cost them their lives. But with the support of dedicated hospital staff, these resilient women took on coronavirus and won.

After battling coronavirus, a young Florida woman with Down syndrome was recently released from the hospital. In this touching video, staff applauded her as she left the hospital.

The young woman was not identified, but her mother expressed gratitude for the dedicated staff that took care of her daughter as she battled the highly contagious respiratory disease, remarking:

I thank God. Thanks to every person of care of this hospital. They did the best for my daughter. They did an excellent job. I am very, very proud of them.

Another woman, Clare Wakeford, also recently beat coronavirus. Clare was on a ventilator for two weeks, and came out of a coma on her 40th birthday. Her family were overjoyed to see her make a recovery.

Clare’s sister Lisa Scarborough said:

When Clare went into intensive care we really thought that was it.

We were hoping and praying she’d recover and she battled and fought with all her strength and has beaten this horrible, nasty disease. She went to hell and back but we were always there for her and to have her back home with us now is just such a great feeling for all of us.

Clare has returned home after three additional weeks in the hospital­ – and was able to celebrate her birthday.

woman celebrates bday

Image Credit: Peter Jordan – The Sun

Individuals with Down syndrome are not believed to have a higher chance of contracting coronavirus. However, those with other underlying health issues, such as heart disease, may be at greater risk. The Jerome Lejeune Foundation has partnered with other Down syndrome organizations to create an FAQ about coronavirus and how it affects people with Down syndrome.

View FAQs

For additional resources regarding coronavirus and individuals with Down syndrome, view this post.


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